Fumigation Service

You’ve spent years building equity in your home, creating a refuge for your family. Now, Drywood termites threaten its value and you’re forced to act. Left alone, termites’ constant chewing will systematically destroy a building. In fact, they cause millions of dollars in damage to homes every year. But what steps should be taken to stop them?

Unlike spot treatments, fumigation spreads into every nook and cranny of your home to kill every termite. It penetrates into the pores of wood, altering the termites’ breathing space. No termites are beyond its reach, and none are left behind to start a new colony.

When you return to your home after fumigation, nothing will have changed, but the termite population. fumigation leaves no residue anywhere in your home. It completely dissipates into the atmosphere, where it will not deplete the ozone layer. You don’t need to wash your dishes, counters or clothes after the fumigation.

Think of it this way… fumigation gas fumigant fills your home the way helium fills a balloon. When a balloon is emptied, there is no helium left behind. Similarly, when the tarp is removed from your home and all the fumigation has vanished, no residue remains behind.

Our inspectors are highly trained professionals who have been certified and re-certified as required by state law. Ask your inspector to thoroughly explain the fumigation process and answer all your questions.

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Fumigation Preparation Instructions

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